Stress Fracture study

Have you had a Stress Fracture? Seeking healthy female athletes, 18-38 years old, for research study on bone health

The Endocrine Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital is seeking healthy female athletes, ages 18-38, who have experienced 1 or >2 fractures for a study on the differences in bone health between athletes with recurrent stress fracture and those without a history of stress fracture.

The study involves 2 outpatient visits to the main campus of MGH and the Spaulding National Running Center in Cambridge. The study includes questionnaires, a blood draw, bone imaging, gait analysis and a procedure to test bone strength. Volunteers will be compensated $175 for their participation.

Participants must do more than 4 hours of weight bearing exercise per week, have had their last stress fracture over 1 year ago, and must be back to full physical activity.

If interested, please contact Sara Rudolph at 617-643-7691 or for more information.

Footwear & footstrike study

We are currently recruiting 18 – 60 year-old healthy runners.

The purpose of the research study is to investigate the running mechanics of healthy adults. The data will also be used to create a center-specific running database to be used as reference for future studies exploring the effects of factors such as age, gender, footwear, and speed.

The research study involves 1 session that lasts about 2 hours. Participants will undergo biomechanical assessment for walking and running, both overground and on an instrumented treadmill. The assessment will be completed with participants in bare feet or wearing a standard shoe provided to them by the researchers (either a minimal shoe or a cushioned shoe). Visits take place in the Spaulding National Running Center, Cambridge, MA.

Upon completion of the research study, participants will receive a tech t-shirt and a synchronized force video of themselves running.

Individuals are eligible if for the past 3 months ran at least 10 miles per week and have not had injuries that prevented them from running.

For more information about this research study, or to enroll in the screening process, please contact us via email at or by phone at 617-758-5516.

To determine your eligibility for the study, please complete this short survey: