SNRC Research Facilities

The Runway and Instrumented Treadmill Laboratories of the SNRC are housed in the basement floor at the Spaulding Outpatient Center – Cambridge. Both laboratories are dedicated exclusively for research. Physical examination areas with plinths are available in both labs. Additionally, our Motion Lab Systems 16 channel EMG system and Inertial Measurement Units can be used in both labs.


Runway Lab

A 4,350 square foot laboratory, with a 100 foot runway that is equipped with two AMTI force plates and a ten-camera Vicon MX motion capture system. This lab is used to collect over-ground walking and running as well as other tasks.


Instrumented Treadmill Lab

A 1,225 square foot laboratory equipped with an AMTI treadmill imbedded with two force plates and an eight-camera Vicon MX motion capture system. This lab allows for collection and analysis of continuous running and walking using our treadmill and motion capture equipment. This lab is also used to provide force- and acceleration-based feedback using the computer screens in front of the treadmill.