Our Why

At the Spaulding National Running Center, we believe that everyone who wants to should be able to run pain free. We believe that running is the most natural form of exercise and can change the way you live your life. We do this by providing evidenced-based, state of the art treatment approaches, which will insure that you run with the best mechanics possible.

Running - Nature's Solution

Evidence suggests we evolved to run in order to survive, making running one of the most natural forms of exercise to improve fitness levels. Currently, nearly 20 million Americans run. Of these, 79% experience running related injuries in a given year and 46% of these are recurrences. If running is one of the most natural fitness activities, this rate seems unnaturally high. Not included in these statistics is the number of runners who have given up their sport because they have resigned themselves to the fact that ‘running is not for me’. On the contrary, we believe that running is embedded in our genes!

Our Mission

The mission of the Spaulding National Running Center is to expand the current understanding of running related, musculoskeletal injuries with a focus on treatment and prevention, and to use this understanding to provide our patients with the most effective evidence-based care. Whether you run for fun or have a competitive spirit, our goal is to keep you running!